Friday, May 17, 2013

Beet & Ginger Soup

I know. I've gushed about (almost) every recipe posted here. And I'm about to do it again. The cause of most of this is that I've been pretty selective with the recipes I cook from this book, with limited time and energy. I go straight for the ones work with our lifestyle and palate, the ones that are out to please. And boy, does this one please.

This is Ms. Hesser's very own recipe, one she concocted as an antidote to the rich restaurant food she was enjoying during her time as a New York Times dining critic. Yes, that's one good reason to start roasting some beets for this soup this very minute. But there are others, and I'll name a few:

1) It can be enjoyed any time of year -- just vary its serving temperature depending on it. 2) It's cheap. Beats, onions, ginger, stock, and a few other embellishments. 3) Easy. Roasting and peeling the beets is the only onerous task here. The rest is as hard as throwing things in a pot, simmering, and blending. 4) Delicious.

 Recipe on page 150