Sunday, March 17, 2013

Farfalle with Leeks and Sausage Sauce

I'm surprised I haven't posted this one sooner. I make it a lot.

The book calls it Farfalle Al Porri e Salsicce, and Ms. Hesser nicely translates that for us as Farfalle with Leeks and Sausage Sauce. I don't know how the word 'sauce' made its way into the recipe name. Besides the 'sauce' not being at all saucy (at least for me anyway), 'sausage sauce' sounds odd. Doesn't it? But I'm getting off topic.

This dish. I make it often because we always have the ingredients on hand. And it's good. A few fat links of sausage, a leek, a handful of peas and parmesan, and even more pasta. What's not to love? I use frozen peas but I imagine fresh, blanched peas would be delicious -- especially this time of year. The 'sauce' is faintly sweet and very subtle so choose your sausage wisely. I just use a regular pork sausage -- you don't want anything too overpowering here.

It comes together fairly quickly too, the 'sauce' being prepared in one pan (hey, maybe that's why it's called sauce!). The pasta, after being boiled, gets tossed with the remaining ingredients -- ok, the sauce. I concede.

Recipe on page 329